Anti-bacterial materials_TIS

“Oppervlaktebehandelingen en materialen die hygiëne bevorderen in de medische sector, de voedingsindustrie en de bouwsector”

This project is based on a sensibilisation and pro-active knowledge transfer which should lead to a more efficient use of new materials and surface treatments for improved hygiene in hospitals, food processing companies and building products. This is done by writing publications, hosting seminars, demonstration of cases at workshops, company visits and contacts with research centra, resulting in a  better view on the use of antibacterial materials and surfaces in Flemish industry and an inventarisation of needs and problems.

Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab has worked together with organizations Agoria, Flanders’ Food and Flanders’ Bio  to reach multiple companies in the medical field.  Several  articles have been published in technical magazines. 

  • Coatingtechnieken maken steeds meer mogelijk (Vraag en Aanbod)
  • Bijdrage verkoperd staal (TI Automotive, Vraag en Aanbod)
  • Artikel Potentieel tot meer hygiëne neemt toe (Food industry 2010)
  • Spitstechnologie voor voedingsindustrie (Food Industry 2010)
  • Meten is weten, ook voor bacteriën (Techniline)
  • Antibacteriële werking van materialen en coatings (Metallerie 2011)
  • Antibacteriële materialen en coatings (VOM-Info 2011)
  • Materialen en coatings tegen micro-organismen (Metallerie 2012)

Publications can be downloaded on the download page.

Sirris has been guest speaker at several events and workshops and hosted a seminar on ‘Antibacterial surfaces and coatings' on 17 november 2011.

Several projects have been performed with end-users of antibacterial materials. A crossroads project has started in 2012 to develop and test photocatalytic and anti-bacterial surfaces.

To find out how anti-bacterial coatings can suit your products, visit the smart coating lab or contact Joey Bosmans or +32 491 34 53 86.