“Sensorized Future: Sensing of temperature and pressure in harsh environments”

In-situ and real-time capture of process data offers tremendous possibilities for many industrial processes and applications. Process data can be used to obtain deeper understanding of the manufacturing process, resulting in increased performance and lifetime of the manufacturing devices plus the opportunity of even further optimization. For many processes temperature and pressure are critical process parameters.

However, at high temperatures and/or pressures as well as for positions in components that are difficult to reach, it is complicated or sometimes impossible to obtain in-situ data with the current sensors at the specific desired locations. Durable, heavy-duty thin film sensor coatings offer the potential for an ideal solution to these problems.

Within Sensorized Future, a transnational Collective Research Project (CORNET, 13th call) project, both Sirris and Fraunhofer IST (Germany) focus on the development of novel sensor coatings and their proof of concept in applications as there are deep drawing and injection molding.


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