"Turncoat: Temperature Sensor Coatings for Smart Machining Tools"

Within Turncoat, a Research for SME’s project with FP7 funding (FP7-SME-2010-1), a smart machining tool with a wear-resistant ceramic thin film temperature sensor, for in-situ, continuous wireless monitoring of the temperature during a machining operation, was designed and developed. The main benefit of this development is a more sustainable production of machined parts through:

  • Machining process optimization
  • Optimal use of the tools within their temperature range resulting in increased lifetime of the tool
  • Detection of end-of-life of the tool: changing tools just in time and minimal scrap production
  • Avoiding scrap of machined parts due to detection of early failure of the tool


Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab has successfully developed a temperature sensitive thin film ceramic coating of which sensor functionality was proven up to 700°C (Link). Furthermore the Mechatronics group of Sirris developed a prototype tool holder in combination with a wireless transmitter-receiver prototype system (left picture below). Together with WZL (Aachen, Germany) working of the sensor coating and signal capitation was demonstrated during a machining test.

Tool holder prototype Sensor structure

For more info visit the website http://www.inform.pt/turncoat/index.html or contact patrick.cosemans@sirris.be

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